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If you've looked at photos of my studio or looked at my gear list you'll notice I've got a lot of equipment. However in the end is it really about the gear? Does the end listener care what reverb was used on the vocal? NO! They are listening because they want to feel something. They want to relate to the music. They want to be happy, be sad, smile, cry, scream, fall in love, breakup, jump up and down. My goal is to squeeze the most of those emotions out of every song I mix. First and foremost I'm an avid music listener and live for those moments of connection with the music. My life's mission is to help bring those feelings to as many people as I can. The gear is just the tools I use to find and expose those emotions.

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I spent a lot of time early in my career learning the gear and learning the rules of mixing until all of that stuff became second nature and rules are meant to be broken. Now when getting ready to mix a song I'm not thinking about what EQ to use or what effect to put on the vocal. I'm thinking to myself what is the artist's vision for the project and how I can help them achieve it? What kind of energy and emotion do they want share with the world? What do they want the listener to feel? What is the song telling me? Then through instinct and experience I will gravitate towards the right gear that will help take the listener to those places. It's your song and I'm here with my experience and tools to help translate the sounds in your head into the hearts and minds of the audience. Honestly sometimes my first impression is not the artists vision. This is completely OK! I've been fortunate enough to mix over 5,000 songs in my career. I have learned a lot.The one thing I'm pretty sure of is that the artists is almost always right! They know their music better than me and if my first mix didn't get to the place they had in their head then I am going to work with the artist to get it there no matter what it takes. Anything and everything is possible in music and with good communication and a vision magic can be made. ​ I bring that same philosophy to your music for live streaming, concert, and promotional performances airing on the web and television. It's not just another performance. It's your performance. I want to give the same attention and care to the mix that was given to the writing and performing. ​ If you are looking for someone to help take your vision over the finish line please reach out and let's talk. Please inquire about my reasonable rates for independent artists as well as full production packages utilizing Studio A at the Barbershop Studios.

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